Basic Guide to Interior Painting

Painting still requires a lot of preparation and attention. Naturally it is cheaper to take care of painting by yourself. But,you will need to know if you wish a professional result or not. That’s good, Bj Guy offers you all the tips for successful interior painting work every time!

How To Successfully Paint A Surface?

Want to start painting at home? It is an excellent idea. Often a simple coat of paint can completely renovate a room , or give it a new decoration. To repaint a wall or a space, two solutions are available to you:interior paintingEntrust The Task To A House Painter.

Take care of painting alone.

If the second option is clearly the most economical, it requires a larger investment in time. To succeed in painting a room alone, you will arm yourself with patience and good advice.

We will list the best tips you need to know to be sure you succeed in painting work in a jiffy!

Five essential tips for painting work

While it’s always a great way to find out exactly what kind of painting you are interested in, some tips are universal for painting.

Here are the five techniques and tips that will allow you to succeed in any task of exterior or interior painting :

1: Prepare the supportinterior painting

We can never repeat it enough, the preparation of the support is a must step when trying to paint a surface. Most paints will require a clean, flat and dry support. It will be necessary to clean the wall before applying the paint .
On the other hand, some paints will require rough supports, or the application of an underlayer hook. Anyway, your paint will never adhere to a surface that is not properly prepared.

2: Buy good material

As we have said, doing one’s own painting is already a very economical technique. It is therefore useless to be stingy about the quality of the paint and the other material!
Often, cheap paints are very bad investments, because their coating power is so low that they require three or even four coats! We will therefore prefer quality paints, which will be easier to apply for a better result.
The same goes for brushes. A low-end brush may lose hair on your surface, or break after a few hours of use. The best is still to invest in quality equipment , which we will take care to clean after each painting.

3: Choose a suitable paint

Another tip that may seem obvious but that everyone does not apply: it is essential to choose a specific paint. All painting work will not require the same type of paint.
It will therefore be necessary to check to buy a paint adapted to the support and the use that you will make (interior, exterior, kitchen, bathroom …). Wood paint, exterior paint, antirust paint, exterior paint, anti-humidity paint, paint for metal … The solutions are endless!
Remember to pay attention to the paint finish you choose. Between matt, satin or shiny finish will play a lot in the result of your interior painting work.

4: Read the instructions for your paint

Each paint has its specificities! Whatever your mastery of painting and your experience, always take the time to read the instructions for the paint  you bought.
Some paints apply in one coat, some require an undercoat, some will require to cross passes, others not … Reading the instructions of a paint will allow you to be certain not to make mistakes during the application.

5: Test your paint colors

interior paintingFinally, you should know that some paint work is not spoiled by the technique, but simply by the final result, which is unattractive. Before buying a paint be sure to check that the colors chosen agree with each other. Or that the final result will match with your interior design.
At the time of choosing a paint color , feel free to take your time and ask your entourage. Better to discover that the colors are not considered good before the purchase … and not after the application!

Tips for your specific painting work

To conclude, remember that each type of paint is specific. Painting an exterior wall requires a different technique than painting a bathroom, for example. (Get free quotes from professionals in your area for your painting work)
If you are looking for more specific advice, do not hesitate to browse our site. We offer many methods for all your painting work. Helping you to become as good as a professional house painter