Paint Types

There are many types of paints , whose features and applications are different. When choosing a painting, it is essential to choose a solution that is perfectly suited to your project and the material you are working on. Discover everything you need to know about choosing a painting and the solutions available to you!

The different types of painting

Before starting painting work, it is imperative to choose your painting with attention. There are various types of painting, which can be categorized according to:

The material to be painted: wood paint, glass paint, iron paint …

The desired finish: glossy, matte, satin, fluorescent …

Their composition: acrylic paint, glycerol paint, epoxy paint …

The way to apply: by spray, roller, spray paint …

Characteristics: painting table, antirust paint, anti-stain, anti-foam …

We can also distinguish the paintings by their uses. For example, in the form of undercoat, the primer paint helps to protect the surfaces and improve the adhesion of the pigments. It can also be applied overlay to prolong the longevity of the color or effect.

More details on the different types of painting

It is simply not possible to make an exhaustive list of types of paints and their characteristics. But as we do not want to let you down, we have just prepared for you many articles on the different choices of interior and exterior paints . On our site, you will know everything about the different types of painting:

  • Their composition,
  • Their effects,
  • Their price,
  • Application tips, Etc.

Partner of all painting work, Expert Peinture accompanies you in choosing a painting and tells you more about the opportunities available to you when repainting a house, a piece of furniture, an object, etc.

In addition to our many fact sheets, written by experts, you will have the opportunity to fill requests for estimates of painters building for free, so as to easily estimate your paint budget if you want to go through professionals.